Our goal is to find a way to show the weak electromagnetic fields around every living being (including plants, animals and humans).

Technically speaking, all Bio Balance Detector prototypes are software and hardware combinations to detect, measure, display and analyze the electromagnetic energy field around living beings and indicate any potential health imbalance.

These very weak, but measurable electromagnetic fields are the same what our doctors use while using an EEG (electroencephalogram) and ECG (electrocardiogram) devices. We use the information gathered there mainly to detect if we are sleeping, awake or alert, or if there is any problem with our heart's. My goal is to extend the measurements of this phenomenon to our arms, or even our whole body.

The most recent prototype, the BBD Body Monitor, is able to sample electromagnetic fluctuations on our forearms. It generates frequency domain data in the 0 Hz - 400 kHz range with 0.1 Hz resolution every 5 seconds. This data is used for the training of AI models, and these models are also applied to the raw data during data acquisition to indicate various conditions.

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